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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 28, 2014 10:00pm-10:29pm JST

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. . . welcome to "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories are following this hour. >> nhk has obtained aerial photos showing china beefing up captured in ukraine. the governor in kiev says it has detained another russian soldier and claims he was taking weapons to separatists. cracking down on dealers. japanese authorities are raiding shops they suspect are
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selling synthetic drugs. leaders in the philippines are concerned about what's happening in regional waters. china claims almost all of the south china sea has its own. several southeast asian countries with overlapping claims are struggling to respond. dra dhirakaosal is following the story. >> reporter: philippine officials say they are adding equipment to facilities they built on reefs in disputed islands in the south china sea. nhk world reports. >> reporter: nhk obtained areas photos of the spratly islands. philippine military personnel took them in july. it shows a long thin building has gone up surrounded by what appears to be a seawall. compared to another photo taken in february of this year, the construction has progressed rapidly. philippine officials say since
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then the chinese have done a lot of work. the spratly islands are located in the middle of the south china sea, china, philippines and others claim them. photos of this reef taken in april show solar panels, radar facilities and what look like machine guns. philippine officials say the facilities have been modized and militarized over the past four years. photos show a heliport and what look like agricultural greenhouses and gun platforms. on another reef, a wide spherical object is believed to be a larger radar facility. regional security analysts in the philippines say china is beefing up existing facilities while building new installations elsewhere. >> china is strengthening its capability for an air/sea battle
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in the future. that's one perspective. if we examine all the occupied land features, they are considered by china some military facility. >> reporter: philippine military officials say the chinese have confirmed work to build new facilities in at least seven locations. philippine officials say they are closely analyzing china's activities. they say the use of the islands as an armed site could allow beijing's military influence to be felt throughout the seas and airspace. charmaine c deo gracias, nhk world, manila. >> the largest islamic insurgent group in the philippines has pledged to resist the influence of so-called jihadist state. they have claimed a caliphate in
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parts of syria and iraq and there are fears its radical ideology may reach southeast asia. the front condemned islamic state on its website describing it as barbaric. it likened violent extremists and claimed it could stop it spreading to the philippines. islamic state reportedly has up to 50,000 members. 20,000 come from outside the middle east, an unknown number from southeast asian countries. islamic state released a recruitment video in july. they are concerned young muslims from asian countries who join islamic state may bring radical ideology back home with them. the government of the mostly catholic philippines signed a peace deal with milf rebels in march that would set up an
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autonomous region in mindanao. it would act as a bulwark against islamic's state violent style of extremism. milf and governor negotiators have drafted a bill to create the autonomous region and gave to president ben nino aquino last week. the group's recent announcement appears designed to urge the president to give it his approval. indonesia and australia have agreed to take steps to patch up their relationship. ties have been strained since reports australia attempted to eavesdrop on phone conversations of indonesia president. foreign ministers of both countries met on thursday in bally. they signed an agreement to govern intelligence operations in the future.
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>> you have all witnessed the timing of joint understanding on a code of conduct between us and australia. the agree includes that neither country will use intelligence to harm the other. their were demonstrations on the streets of jakarta following a report that intelligence tried to attack the phones of senior officials including udoyon and his wife. the australian government has not confirmed nor denied the report. he proposed a code of conduct on intelligence gathering. his term is coming to an end. jakarta governor, joko widodo won the election and will take over in october. tony abbott said he hoped the victory would mark a fresh start
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in relations. abbott's government considers indonesia to be an important gateway to the rapidly growing asean market. that wraps up our bulletin. ukrainian government officials say they now have proof moscow is directly involved in an insurgency in the country's eastern regions. they say their forces have captured a soldier bringing weapons to pro-russian separatists. security service officials said the soldier was detained in the eastern low hans can region. it is where fierce battles are raging between government forces and pro-russian militants. they said the soldier belongs to a unit based in russia's southern border region. they said he and other personnel crossed into ukrainian territory bringing armored vehicles and rocket launches to separatists. ukrainian forces captured ten russian pair troopers in the eastern region 20 kilometers from the russian border. the leader of a group of ex island uighurs is demanding an
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international investigation into last month's riots in china's shing jiang uighur autonomous region. they stormed government buildings on july 28th in a prefecture. a chinese government news website reported that 37 people were killed and blamed. members of the east turk stan islamist movement. the head of the world uighur congress released a statement in washington. >> translator: a lot of uighur civilians have been killed by chinese security forces. there is no significant reaction from the international community. >> she said it is impossible to know the truth. the chinese authorities have cut off internet access and imposed tight restrictions on the media. she also said the authorities are using drones to collect information on terrorist suspects.
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japanese authorities are trying to get a step ahead of people they think are selling synthetic drugs. they are raiding shops and forcing owners to take suspicious substances off their shelves. they are not letting them sell those products again until they have the results of lab tests. fvmt umio kondo reports. >> reporter: synthetic drugs are spreading rapidly in japan, especially among the young. >> translator: even with a small amount, i foam at the mouth or feel my heart speeding up. in the end, i feel it is more that i could handle and i could die. >> reporter: the drugs have been
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linked to a series of accidents. in june a car driven by a man who had smoked a synthetic herb slammed his car into peds in tokyo. the incident killed one person and left seven others injured. a string of new drugs has emerged with chemical structures slightly altered to stay on the right side of the law. experts say they can't keep up with the string of new products. on wednesday officials from health ministry drug control office raided more than 30 shops in tokyo shibuya district. >> at the shop in shibuya, staff were ordered to remove synthetic drugs from the shelves and stock. >> translator: it's too late to act after an accident. we will continue raiding shops.
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when we find violations, we'll deal with them strictly. >> reporter: officers plan to have raids and bans on nearly 200 shops across the country. the raids are a sign that the spread of synthetic drugs has created huge concerns in japan. that means growing pressure on authorities to crack down. fumio kanda, nhk world, tokyo. the national police agency plans to ask for a budget of $5 million for countermeasures next fiscal year. officials will spend some of that money on equipment and chemicals to quickly detect illegal drugs. japanese health authorities are dealing with two more cases of dengue fever contracted inside the country. they only just confirmed the first domestic infection in about 70 years. officials say the patients are a man and woman in their 20s who live in the tokyo area.
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the man is in the hospital with a high temperature. the woman is in stable condition. so is a teenage girl officials recognize as infected the day before. officials say all three attend the same school in tokyo and have not been overseas. the officials say they may have been infected by mosquitos during a dance practice in a tokyo park, city, collected mosquitos there and found they were not carrying the dengue virus. they sprayed insecticide as a precaution. it is transmitted by mosquitoes, not directly from person to person. staff are trying to figure out whether someone carried the virus from overseas. >>. >> south koreans are still mourning four months after a ferry sank off the southern coast. as they agree, they have cut back on spending.
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jindo is the town closest to where the sewol went down. people there have been hit particularly hard. nhk world anna jung has more. >> reporter: there are many beaches for swimming? jundo and many tourists at this time of year. it is almost the end of summer and the usual crowds of people haven't come. >> many local's incomes have decreased drastically because of the accident. >> translator: some days we don't get a single visitor. i lose money paying my employees wages. >> reporter: since the disaster, many messages posted on line news sights have been attacking the industry. >> who would eat seafood from waters where 300 people died? was there an oil spill there? >> reporter: such posting spread
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harmful rumors about their seafood and sales stay depressed. university students from seoul came to jindo to help the region. the volunteer students visited a warehouse that stores fish. even though these fish were caught before the accident, it has been shunned because it comes from chindo. >> since the ferry disaster, our business has disappeared. please, publicize that. >> reporter: although it is the summer holidays, many peoples have to spend their days at a children's center at a church. their parents have had to start working in factories from early morning until late at night in order to compensate for their loss of income. the students from seoul offer
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support by taking care of the children at the center. >> translator: when i spoke to the residents, i discovered the accident had caused much more secondary damage than i had imagined. >> reporter: the young volunteers are making a propotionpr promotional video introducing the attractions of chin doe hoping this will win tourists back. they visit the famous site to start shooting their footage. these videos will be uploaded on their website. back in seoul, the students continue to offer support. on the capital's outskirts, they organized an event to promote marine products from chindo. they served soup made with fish caught in the area to let
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passer passerbys know that the quality has not been affected. from now, on, we would like to use social media to promote the products, as well as food tasting events. >> the ferry disaster has left chindao's economy in dire straits. still, there is some hope that support from student volunteers will help local people to rebuild their lives, even just a little. anna jung, nhk world, chindo. japan's financial regulators have ordered the leading south korean commercial bank, cookman, to suspend some of its japanese operations. that's for incorrect steps in extending loans reportedly worth several hundreds of millions of dollars. officials at the financial services agency say that managers of the tokyo bank fabricated documents and inflated collateral values.
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the bank executives received kickbacks from borrowers. the agency issued an order for a temporary suspension of operations. this will halt the tokyo and osaka branches of doing new business for four months starting september 4th. south korean prosecutors are examining the case and have brought charges to former branch managers. the u.s. economy is still trying to get back on track. authorities at the congressional budget office say gdp growth will be lower than expected but they see signs of a recovery around the corner. cbo officials released the most recent budget and economic outlook. they say the growth will be a weak 1.5%. they say cold weather early in the year is partly to blame. officials say there is reason for optimism. they predict the economy will pick up before the end of the year. they say corporate investment, consumer spending and home building will lead the recovery.
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they estimate gdp to grow nearly 3.5% in 2015 and 2016. officials also see good news in the labor market. the unemployment rate is now 6.2%. they predict it will drop to under 6% by the end of the year and will fall farther by the end of 2017. here are the latest market figures.
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china's booming economy has created a social problem that is only getting bigger. 300 million are classified as overweight or obese. only americans have a greater challenge with weight. some chinese are finding new ways to battle the bulge. nhk world reports from beijing. ♪ >> reporter: in this park in beijing, a growing number of middle aged and elderly people dance to music every morning. >> translator: dance if you're overweight and your waistline will shrink. >> reporter: but office workers and students shun these morning exercises. many come to specialists to diet clinics instead. the aim is to lose weight by combining exercise and traditional treatments including
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acupuncture. >> translator: this works for me. i used to have to eat a lot before i felt full. thanks to the treatment of this clinic, now i eat much less. >> reporter: the doctor says a number of young people coming to the hospital has been growing in recent years. >> translator: children are getting fatter because they are busy with school work and doing less afterwards. they are sitting all day at home playing computer games. >> reporter: obese children from wealthy families are opting to spend 40 days away from home at this special camp.
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the price tag, more than $2000 u.s. >> translator: the government's one child policy is one of the causes of obesity. parents and grandparents dote on their children, giving them whatever they like. >> reporter: this high school student weighs 114 kilograms. this summer, he's determined to shed 20 kilograms. li has exercised little all his life. he can now barely keep up with the elementary school students. ♪ the strict diet and the six
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hours of exercise a day are gradually helping him shed the weight. though he clearly still has some way to go. >> translator: at first, i was the weakest in the group. now i'm getting stronger thanks to daily hard exercise. >> reporter: this is the last day of the camp. with all that sweating, dieting, and running, 94.90 kilograms. li has lost about 19 kilograms. >> translator: the hard work paid off. i lost more weight than i expected. >> reporter: many chinese people have better lives than ever.
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but the lifestyle has come with a price. hiroshi hamaguchi, nhk world, beijing. cooler weather has arrived in japan earlier than normal. it was like mid-october in tokyo thursday. our meteorologist, sakaya mori has the details. sakaya. >> we are four days ahead of the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere. things are cooling down in most of japan. the temperature in tokyo was only 23 degrees, more like mid-fall. in hokohama, about 10 degrees lower than normal. cooler temperatures will stay in place into saturday. the reason is that high pressure system continues to extend cooler air to most of the country and bringing rainfall for the eastern areas of japan. this frontal system is causing some rainfall for western japan. it is staying dry in hiroshima. things will turn wet starting
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tomorrow. many are dealing with the recove recovery efforts. it has been very wet over western japan. this area indicates lack of rainfall. the area in orange indicates lack of rainfall. areas in blue indicate more than normal since the beginning of august into the 15th. wet over western japan as well as hokkaido. with the exception of northeastern china. crops have been severely damaged and dryer weather for the eastern areas of the indoechina peni peninsula. things are changing thanks to this tropical depression. this will enhance the southwest monsoon. lots of rain for most of the area. the heaviest rain will be found over the western areas. probably over 200 millimeters of
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rain is likely. beneficial rain, however, flooding and landslide. temperatures on friday, 33 degrees in bangkok and manila. tokyo cooling down to 25 with rainy weather and seoul going up to 30 degrees. across the americas, many people are flocking to the beaches in southern california to see gigantic waves. let's go to some individual crow coming out of los angeles. surfers headed out to the beach in southern california wednesday to catch the massive waves. the system is producing as well as as high as 4.5 meters, near long beach. the dangerous surf led to the death of one surfers. lifeguards are urging beach-goers to stay out of the water as the waves are large and powerful enough to quickly sweep people out to sea. the waves are caused by a tropical storm named marie. marie is now on the weakening trend. it is going to move parallel to the western coast of mexico and
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california into friday. dangerous surf conditions will stay in place for the next couple of days. across the mid part of the u.s., we have intentional pressure system drifting over the land that will provide blooding rains in the midwestern u.s. raising potential floodings as well as landslides. quite hot in atlanta. 33 degrees with high humidity. 33 degrees in oklahoma city but just to the north, cooler temperatures. chicago at 24 degrees and toronto, 23 degrees but it is not the end of summer. heat will be rebuilding starting friday as well as saturday. here is your extended forecast around the globe.
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that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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